Resume Tips

Resume is a powerful weapon in your job quest. It can literally make or mar your job prospects. Well-crafted curriculum vitae can differentiate you from the crowd of job seekers. The purpose of a resume is to bring you in the interview room and not get you a job, as most of the applicants assume. Your resume is in no way, guarantees a lucrative job offer; however it does provide you a head start.

Let’s talk about some of the common mistakes seen in resumes. The first thing you need to remember is that you need to avoid clichés. Most of us think that using phrase like ‘self-motivated worker’, ‘team player’, ‘good communication skills’ or ‘proven track record’ etc will make resume more appealing but the truth is mentioning these terms does more harm than good to your chances of getting a job. The qualities and attributes you mention on your resume should speak for themselves. These terms must be backed with description and solid examples.

A sample resume should help you in standing out but what good will it make to your job chances if you are using the same terms that everyone else is using? So avoid clichés like ‘result oriented professional’, ‘bottom line-orientated,’ ‘special talent’ etc. Try telling teeny-tiny stories in your resume instead of indulging in boasting. Present facts or a real achievement instead of mentioning of some vague terminologies. Present examples of things you have already done. Think from an employer’s point of view. What will fascinate him? What new things you are offering that he doesn’t read every day from thousands of other applicants? Answer to these questions will help in preparing an effective resume.


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